Gallery Sofreh

Since 1992 we specialize in antique tribal Rugs, Kilims,Trappings and bags.
We also handle embroideries and all kind of ethnic textiles.
We are mainly focused on Persia but also the neighboring countries.
Our passion is to establish connection between minimal contemporary art and tribal art,
That is why we have an extensive collection of minimal Gabbehs,kilims,Sofrehs and Tachehs,
All antique utilitarian weavings.
Since 1998 we have participated in textiles and rugs art fairs in Europe, The Hali fair in London
Also in Italy and Germany.
We also organize thematic exhibitions, the last one was "ART and BREAD" in theVolkerkundemuseum
In Munich in October 2007,a catalog is available upon request.

- Art & Bread Exhibition

Museum für Völkerkunde
Munich October 2007

- Sartyrana Rug & Textile Fair

Italy September 2006

- Hali Rug & Textile Fair

London June 2006

London June 2006 London June 2006 London June 2006 London June 2006